After close to 5 years of hard work by Director Rebecca Carpenter and Producer Sara Dee, Requiem for a Running Back's Theatrical Run in NYC and Chicago was a roaring success!

Following months of promotion, private screenings and a rigorous PR campaign, Hydro Studios helped Requiem for a Running Back to hit the ground running in The Big Apple and The Windy City.

Richard Roeper, of the Chicago Sun Times gave a glowing review of the film. Here are some of the highlights:

Yes, we already know there’s a connection between a career in football and the likely occurrence of multiple concussions and possible long-term brain damage.
The PBS Frontline documentary League of Denial, the Will Smith drama Concussion and books such as Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away preceded Rebecca Carpenter’s Requiem for a Running Back — but Carpenter’s ★★★★ film might be the most searing, most powerful, most personal and most unforgettable take on this most American of tragedies.

In The Village Voice, Pete Vonder Haar gave the film another enthusiastic thumbs up:

If you’re a football fan, it can sometimes feel like your sport is under siege by enemies both real (Donald Trump) and not actually a threat at all (national anthem protesters). One of the concrete threats is the long-term implications of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. As more players are diagnosed with CTE each year, Rebecca Carpenter’s Requiem for a Running Back offers a deeply personal perspective into the crisis.

Rebecca and Sara took part in numerous interviews, news shows and radio segments in both cities over the coming few days. This included Good Day Chicago, NPR, WBEZ Chicago, ESPN and NBC Sports to name a few.

We are so excited to watch how the next screenings and surrounding media attention will unfold. If the Theatrical Release was is anything to go by, we better strap in!